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St. Cloud Florida Pantry Storage and Organization Systems

Pantry Systems

The purpose of a pantry or a larder is to store dry foods that will not go into the refrigerator or within the cabinets in the kitchen.


Ideally, boxed foods, canned food and loose packed foods that do not require temperature control, potatoes, onions, and fresh fruit such as avocados and bananas that cannot be stored in the refrigerator go into the Pantry.


It is often that home-owners store spices and condiments in the pantry, but ideally, they belong in the kitchen upper cabinets, where they are easy to reach for while cooking.


The introduction of wire baskets that are on glides and hooks, are being used for the storage of the potatoes, onions and fresh fruit. These baskets can be lifted off the glides and carried to the kitchen counter for ease of use.


Canned goods are easier to store on a slightly forward slanted shelf with a small lip, so that all new purchased cans can be loaded to the shelf at the rear and the dispensation of the cans for use are from the front of the shelf, thereby revolving the stock of cans, ensuring that the product does not expire on the shelf.


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