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Soft Closing Cabinet Accessories
Upgrade To Soft Closing Moving Parts of Your Closets & Cabinets

Soft Close Door Hinges

When it comes to doors, a lot hinges on the hinges. Their style and functionality have a huge effect on the overall appearance and performance of your cabinet doors. 

Selecting hardware should be a critical element in the initial design stage of any doors that you intend to dress up your cabinets or closets. It's much easier to make a minor change in your design to match the required hardware than it is to rework a project in progress because the hardware you thought would be a superior design, functional and long lasting.

The number of hinges that are put on the door depends on the weigh of the door. For standard doors, it is customary to start with two hinges per door up to approximate 33 inches, then one additional hinge for every 24 inches of height. Therefore, on a door that spans 80 inches will have 4 hinges.


Addition of a mirror or such application to the door will increase the door weight on the hinges and it is advisable to add more hinges proportionate to the weight added on the door.

Accuride Soft Close Drawer Glides.jpg
Soft Close Drawer Glides


The most common glides are the Side Mount Glides and the Under Mount Glides. The ease of use is about equal on both, but the undermount glides offers easy removal and replacement of the drawers. 

The undermount glides costs substantially more and therefore not a common upgrade option.

On both the side mount and under mount glides, the standard units are just plain sliders without any enhancements to the softness of the closing. The most desired and attractive option of a SOFT CLOSE glide is widely accepted as a good upgrade to adopt to your new purchase.

The soft closing mechanism on a Drawer Glide activates a SLOWING and GRADUAL PULLING IN of the drawer box, enabling a softness in its approach to a closed position. 

Even hard pushes to the drawer box is softened and slowly close, making this the most desireable and attractive 

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