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Our History 

Designer Closets & Cabinets is a boutique family run Closet and Cabinet source. Their expertise in business acumen, attention to detail, value for timely delivery and success based on achievement rather than monetary gain makes Designer Closets & Cabinets a source that is well admired and sought after.

Our closets bring function, order and beauty to your life. Just as no two problems are alike, neither are the answers to your storage space...


​Your storage problem is unique. And no closet company is better fit to help you organize your life than Designer Closets & Cabinets, where every closet system is custom. Each order is made to order. It’s the reason we’ve become the authority in customized storage solutions.


​The Designer Closets and Cabinets’ storage systems are not your typical closet & cabinet solutions. They are designed just for you, your space, your wardrobe, your needs, and your budget. We listen carefully when you tell us what you want. Only then do we go to work to create a design that will fit your space, your need and your budget. One that will fit your needs and space and your budget perfectly.

​It all began many years ago, when Designer Closets started engineering closets in the Closet Industry. Starting from a garage operation for several years, to earning the trust and respect of their clients, the company grew to a industrial production facility.

From working on a single job at a time to handling tens of orders, the business has maintained the same attention to detail and personal touch that has earned Designer Closets & Cabinets the respect that it commands.



Why our clients have choosen us... 

Our number one goal is to design a  storage system that will match or enhance the look in design and the the versatility of use in your everyday immersion into your environment.

Whether you want the clean look of a classic, all-white, melamine design or a traditional look created with real wood stained to match existing furniture in your home, Designer Closets is the right company for your projects and for you.

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Organizational Projects

An organized storage environment brings an initial achievement of pleasure and additionally the overall pleasure of finding everything that you wish to use.

We are the experts in decluttering and organizing storage spaces.

Take us to an over-loaded storage area, be it a closet, pantry, laundry room or a garage... you will be surprised to find new space to use for future storage, and be organized and know exactly where to find your stuff.

Ready to get started? 

Our experienced designers will help you find the perfect storage solution for your home.  We even offer 0% financing.  Ask your designer for details.

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