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General Closet Questions Asked Most Often

Q: Do you offer a Free-In-Home Consultation?

Yes, all our In-Home Consultations are Free and under no obligation to purchase. A professional Closet Designer will arrive at your place and electronically measure all your storage spaces that require to be dressed with closets, cabinets or other storage solutions.

Q: How long does an In-Home Consultation take?

Traditionally the measurement, collecting data, and tabulating it takes about 7 to 12 minutes per room, with smaller installations like the linen closet only taking a few minutes. 

You should expect the consultant to take approximately the multiple of the above for the rooms to be measured and about 10 minutes extra for the collection of ideas and inclusions to the storage areas.

Q: How long after a consultation do I get the proposal and pricing?

The proposal will include drawings, video showing your storage area and a detailed budget proposal. The designs for the requirements are done on CAD-based design software, and then a video is generated showing your spaces with our vision of what you require. 

This does take a few days to prepare, based on the quantity of items we are to design, it may take a few more days. 

Your consultant will be best able to guess this time, at the time he/she is at your premises.

Q: Do I need to identify exactly what I require for consultant's visit?

Our professional closet and cabinet designers are able to "READ" your closet for what is stored within it. In cases of an empty closet, this may require some extra details. However once our designer has digested all requirements, a plan of attack is established towards the design of the storage space.

If particular requirements are a must, then this is also taken down, however, you will have an opportunity to change the design layouts on the presentation of the designs and video.

Q: How is the presentation of the proposal and pricing shared with me?

We thrive on using electronic means to present the designs, and therefore invite you to use our published calendar to book a ZOOM screen sharing appointment for the presentation to be delivered to you.

On the presentation, you will view the video of your storage space, with the dimensional drawings, including all accessories chosen, with digital props where available.

Your presenter will also share a detailed Budget Proposal, showing you the break-outs of all rooms, and other deluxe options and color/texture choices to choose from.

If there are any changes required on the designs, our presenter will accommodate this directly within our design software and will change the designs to your exact requirements. A revised Budget Proposal will then be presented to show the effect of the changes on the pricing models.

Q: May I make changes to the designs presented without any charge?

All changes that are made on the first presentation are at no charge, as our goal is to satisfy your requirements. The changes may be slight or involved, and they will not be charged. 

It is assumed that on the presentation of the Video, drawings and Budgets, that you are leaning towards awarding us the project.

Any further attempts to change the designs will require a fully refundable deposit, so that we have a commitment to making further changes without charge.

Q: Once a Presentation of the Storage Space is made, what happens?

The presenter showing you the video, designs and budgets will share a copy of the video and pricing with you. If there are any changes made, these will be incorporated in the shared files.

You will be required to commit to the designs and discuss the order confirmations at this point.

Q: What's my responsibility for the confirmation of my requirements?

On confirmation of the order, an electronic invoice for the deposit is submitted, upon which once paid, we will send out a DocuSign book of documents with full designs and details for your final review and approval. 

Once the DocuSign document is approved and submitted, we trigger a production schedule for your order.

Q: Will the deposit for the order be refunded if I cancel the Order?

The deposit is tendered prior to sharing the DocuSign documents. Once you review the documents, and approve them, your order is entered into the production schedules and the necessary work will begin.

According to the terms of our sale, we will give you a full refund prior to entering your order to our schedule, however after the order has started to be processed, there are deductions stipulated.

The cancellation of the order past a point where actual commitment of material to the custom manufacturing is commenced is not allowed and if required, the deposit is not refundable and you won't owe any further payment for the cancelled order.

Q: Do you have your own installers or do you use outside help?

Designer Closets use their own on-staff installers, who are trained in our production environment and have the full knowledge of the assembly and completion of the installation of your order.

We do use professionals for Granite counter tops, plumbers, electricians or other trade professionals from third party companies, who are regular service providers to Designer Closets. We do fully undertake to be responsible for any such outside professional trade person and their work performance.

Q: How long does the installation take?

Installations take anywhere from half a day for simple installations, to a full week for entire home installations. Our scheduling will be informing you of the time that the installation will take.

We are able to break the installation periods if there is advance notice of a non-continuous installation period. 

Please let your scheduler know if a break in installation is inevitable.

Q: Do your installers clean up the installed areas before leaving?

Our installers respect your space and environment and try to be as discrete and professional in the installation process. The installer will inform you of any deviation requirements to the installation. 

The installer will present the finished installation only after the space has been thoroughly reviewed and cleaned of all debris and is in a clean and presentable state.

Q: What is required for my approval at the end of the installation?

Our installer will present a "Installation Report" for you to sign off. On this report, you may identify outstanding items as a punch-list. You will not be charged with any further payment demands until the punch-list is complete to your satisfaction.

Q: What is your warranty and how long is it honored for?

We offer a limited life-time material and workmanship warranty on all our products. This warranty is non-transferable. The warranty covers all material defects, and workmanship issues, however any breakages due to misuse, abuse or other non-standard use of the products are not covered but repaired at a nominal charge.

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