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Decorator Panel Doors & Drawer Fronts
Upgrade From Slab Doors to Decorator Panels

Slab Doors & Drawer Fronts

Slab doors and drawer fronts are made from a panel of stock cut to size and banded on all four sides to form a "SLAB" of finished panel on all six sides.

This method is fast and efficient, but plain looking and does not enhance the door & drawer front to make the closets and cabinets more designer in nature.

Slab Door Cabinet

Decorator Panel Doors & Drawer Fronts

Osceola Decorator Door

Osceola Decorator Panel Design

Shaker Decorator Door

Shaker Decorator Panel Design

Jasper Decorator Door

Jasper Decorator Panel Design

Decorator panel doors and drawer fronts enhance the look of the door or drawer fronts and lend a Designer's Hand to the entire installation.

From simple to European, Shaker to Colonial, Contemporary to Modern the choices and colors are endless.

Enhance your space to look "Designer Created" with the Decorator Panel covers to your Storage Spaces.

The Decorator Panel Doors and Drawer Fronts are easy to care and simple to upkeep.

The colors of the doors and drawer fronts match those of your closets or cabinets.

Another variation is having White or Maple insides and Color Doors and Drawer Fronts on cabinets.

We offer Wall Wardrobes for "Creating" a Cabinet/Closet space if the current space is too tight.

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