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Plywood Drawer Boxes
Upgrade From Melamine to Plywood

Melamine Drawer Box

It is very common for the custom closet and cabinet manufacturers to include the drawers made from 3/4" Melamine panels.

Melamine panels are made of hardwood wood chips and glue. When common fasteners are applied to a Melamine panel, the fasteners are holding two pieces of particle boards with Brads shot into the panels or dowels.


Most fasteners start disintegrating within as little as 6-12 months as the fasteners applied to the wood chips start to loosen due to continuous movements of the drawer box.

Use of Plywood would avoid the shortcomings of a Particle board, even if the plywood is less in thickness than the particle board.

Plywood Drawer Box

Plywood panels are made from layers of thinner real wood panels and are interleaved with directionally opposing grain directions.

Wood naturally expands along the grain and depending on the humidity, can grow a substantial amount. This would cause drying or wetting of the wood making it shrink and expand as the humidity of the surrounding environment changes

The layering of the thinner wood panels in a cross-grain pattern gives rigidity to the plywood. The layers hold the plywood panel in its form as each layer holds two other layers in dimensional stability.

This makes the plywood a much better choice for the drawer box for rigidity and enhanced fastener performance.


Dove-Tail Drawer Box

Dove-Tail Drawer Box

Drawer boxes built with the Dove-Tail joint are some of the highest quality products on the market.
A Dove-Tail drawer box just friction fitted is stronger than normal non-dovetail drawer boxes with glue, nails, screws, etc.

When wood glue is introduced to the Dove-Tail Drawer Box, the construction of the drawer box is virtually indestructible.
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