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St. Cloud Florida Garage Storage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets

The Garage has always been the "Catch All" for an American Home, often used to occupy anything that does not belong in any of the available storage areas within the home.

Traditionally, items that are not needed for everyday living within the living space of the home are usually "dumped" into the garage and over time this area gets to be quite unorganized and messy. 

The introduction of storage cabinets, wall Slat Boards, and organizational implements that can aid in holding the unused items, until they are finally disposed is the best way to organize a Garage.

It may be a good idea to have a "GARAGE SALE" prior to the requirement analysis of what amount of storage is required within the garage, so that over purchase of cabinets or organizational elements are not purchased.

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Cabinets made of Melamine with sealed edging or Plywood are available, usually set 4 inches above the floor as the floor is usually slanted by a few degrees towards the roll up door and the foot adjustment makes the shelving storage areas of the Garage Cabinet level.

The Garage Storage Cabinets are mounted on the wall weather on Wooden Studs or on Concrete walls.


Please contact us and let us arrange to review your Garage Cabinet and Storage options for you. 

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