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Suitcase Sized Master Closet?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

When your closets are the size of a suitcase, consider the use of a Wardrobe Wall.

What is a Wardrobe Wall?

A Wardrobe Wall is a wall full of Cabinets that cover the full wall and is floor to ceiling.

These types of Wardrobe Walls are really spacious and make an extension to the small, tiny closet in the master bedroom.

We can help design and install a full wall of Closet Organising Space in the form of a Wardrobe Wall.

You can include Long-Hang, Medium-Hang, Half-Hang, Shelving, Drawers, Hampers, etc.

This new-found space can often more than double the storage space of a closet and is ideal for those homes that have little tiny closets as a Master Closet.

The Wardrobe Wall can be either a normal Closet Height of 84 or 94 inches which is standard, or even up to 96 inches as an option.

We occasionally make units that are up to 108 inches tall, but there are problems with the handling and assembly rather than have these issues, we make a "2 Story" Closet that has a base unit of 84 to 96 inches call, and a secondary unit that makes up for the space above the primary unit in additional storage space. This additional storage space also known as a "Bird's Nest Closet" can have vertical side swing doors or a horizontal upswing door.

The upswing door is really handy for large object storage in the Bird's Nest Closet.

We can install a piston at the top hinge location to ensure that the door stays up when you are loading or unloading the Bird's Nest Closet.



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