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St. Cloud Florida Reach-In Closet Design Services

Reach-In Closets

Reach-in closets are designed to provide a simple, yet functional closet when space is limited. Reach-in closets, also known as built-in closets, are typically set into a wall so that they do not take up space in the room. Most reach-in closets can be fitted with an organization setting in closets. This makes the storage of your personal items and see exactly where everything is stored and can have easy access to it. 

If the reach-in closet has bi-fold doors, then it may be possible to install drawers on the closet, however the depth of at-lease 18 to 20 inches is required to install drawers into the reach-in closet.


When the closet has sliding doors, then the installation of drawers in the reach-in closet is a little challenging, and has to be offset from the center, which is where the location of the drawers are traditionally placed. The drawers once offset, there is a small space on the left or right of the reach-in closet that is covered by the return wall that the doors fit to on the left and right. This space may be very narrow and therefore most likely not useable, but can be arranged to store shoes in cubbies.


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