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St. Cloud Florida Accessories for Closets and Cabinets

Accessories to add...

Adding simple accessories like a valet rod, neck-tie rack or a belt hook rack makes organizing simple items that are difficult to store comfortably, and organized.

Other accessories like glide out wire-baskets, wire basket hampers, cloth bag hampers, plastic container hampers etc., make the stowage of soiled items an ease.

Jewelry Trays make organization of the costume jewelry a breeze to store and find in a pinch. Jewelry Trays can be simply dropped into drawers, custom fitted to drawers or installed as drawers themselves with a drawer front to make the "Closed Look" complete to the balance of the closet appointments.

Go ahead... Pick an accessory, or delay it until you are ready... Most accessories can be added at a later time, with a little thought to the present design.


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