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Custom  Engineered Dream Closets & Cabinets
in Unique Designs & Innovative Storage Solutions

We engineer your dream closets & cabinets into reality. 

Designer Consultation

The Designer Closet representative will arrive at an appointed time for a complimentary design consultation.


The designer will take the measurements of your storage space and suggest ideas of the best utilization for the implementation of our closets or cabinets, and show you pictures, samples, and hardware to be used.

We will then create a "Hand-In-Glove" design for the storage space, utilizing the ideas, measurements, and requirement list to come up with the optimal design for the implementation.

The design will be presented to you in a Virtual Video, showing each wall's dressings with the closets or cabinets, and an overall Bird's-Eye view of your room.

This presentation will give you a unique and special understanding of the exact idea of what your completed implementation will look like.

Our Budget Proposal is given to you with full detail on a room-by-room basis and offers options, and enhancements of deluxe implementations.

You are also presented with ideas and pricing on color, grain, and texture upgrades so that you can make the optimal decision on your requirement.

Virtual Reality Video Presentation

Our expert designers will craft the design for your requirements, and to the specifications gathered at the consultation. We will present you with our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and share a Virtual Reality Video detailing the implementations proposed for your space. You can visualize the exact effect of the installation in the video before you commit to any purchase.

Customized Manufacturing

Once you approve, your new closets & cabinets are manufactured in our state-of-the-art Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Equipment, right here in Orlando, Florida, utilizing the finest materials, hardware, construction methods, and accessories.

Professional Installation

Our trained in-house installers will install your new storage system to the exact design specification. We offer a non-transferable lifetime manufacturing defect guarantee. We know that if you are happy with our product, you will share your experiences with your friends, neighbors, and relatives.

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So fantastic, you'll be amazed it's so simple. 

Plain to Enhanced and Fully Loaded, we have the means, and knowledge to give you what you inspire & desire.

In our dictionary, Impossible tasks just take a little longer than run-of-the-mill productions. Give us a call, let us look after your requirements, and look forward to a unique Customized Designer Closet that you will cherish for years to come.​

Time to get organized! 

We are the EXPERTS in Storage Solutions 


Ready to get started?

Our experienced designers will help you find the perfect storage solution for your home.  We offer 0% financing.  Ask your designer for details.

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